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From blinds and shades to the windows themselves, we automate everything and provide a centrally controlled system that allows you to efficiently control both window decoration and blackout.


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Automating window decoration

Curtains and blinds are common window decoration elements. At ELUXO, we are committed to giving you the ultimate living comfort. We do this with a centrally controlled home automation system that ensures that you can control countless things in your home in a smooth and easy way. And the same certainly applies to your blinds and curtains. For example: when you leave the house in the morning it's cloudy, but by midday the sun has broken through. Thanks to your automated solution, you can close your blinds at the touch of a button, keeping it cool inside.


From window decoration to blackout

Solar screens are a really useful tool to protect your home on scorching hot summer days. Thanks to automated blinds, you manage to keep the sun out without any problems. Did you know that it is also perfectly possible to coordinate the operation of your sun screens with the air conditioning system? Thanks to our ingenious home automation system for screens and window decoration, you keep your home cool via intelligent systems that communicate with each other, keeping your home's indoor temperature at an acceptable level.

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Integrated window decoration

Your window decoration can easily become part of your centrally controlled and automated system that also controls your lighting, home multimedia applications and home cinema, among others. That way you kill not two, but several birds with one stone. ELUXO is developing an integrated solution that allows you to centrally control your home. This will ensure you enjoy total peace of mind, as we make sure everything works flawlessly and that you thus enjoy optimal living comfort.


Looking for ways to combine control of your window decoration and your other home automation applications into one convenient system? Then be sure to check us out!