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Energy and climate tailored to you

Energy and climate are important common topics, but they also play a crucial role in your home. Heating, cooling and ventilation: we offer a climate system tailored to your home that we continuously measure and adjust where necessary.

Go for energy and climate systems tailored to you

Towards optimum climate and energy control

The indoor climate and energy regulation of your home should be balanced and adapted to each season. It is a strong interplay of the right heating, cooling and ventilation technologies that ensures the right indoor climate. At ELUXO, we put all our expertise on home automation into designing and installing a climate system tailored to each individual room. So as far as we are concerned, the days when you have to control the heating in your entire home with one thermostat are long gone.

Controlling indoor climate and energy centrally

The high-quality home automation systems in which we at ELUXO have specialised for years, guarantee clear and user-friendly energy and climate control. Moreover, the focus is no longer on the insulation issue, but on the need for efficient cooling of recently built houses that already excel with a favourable E-level. We provide a customised system that efficiently controls cooling and heating on a room-by-room basis. In addition, we meticulously measure the consumption of heat pumps, electrical appliances such as the dishwasher and check the operation of your charging station. Furthermore, we also measure how much energy your home battery contains and we attune this whole system accurately to each other.

Towards optimum climate and energy control.

Energy management for a balanced indoor climate

Choosing professional energy management  is more than a savings exercise. It ensures that your investment will pay for itself to the maximum. This way, you limit your carbon footprint and ensure optimal energy consumption. At ELUXO, we use our energy management expertise to make and keep your energy management efficient and sustainable.

Go for balanced energy management and indoor climate

Want to know more about the possibilities offered by home automation for balanced energy management and implementing an indoor climate that you can control per room?

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