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Energy management brings return on investment

Making the most of your investment in a balanced energy management while reducing your ecological footprint? Thanks to ELUXO's expertise, it can be done!


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What is energy management?

ELUXO looks together with you at the options available to improve and optimise the energy supply of your home. So you get a lot back in return for your investment. Your energy consumption will not only be optimised, but applications such as a heat pump will be noticeably more economical. The indoor climate of your home should be balanced and tailored to your needs. At the same time, it is more than worthwhile investing in professional energy management. So a double win!

With energy management, you go for a double win.

The many facets of energy management

Will you be partnering with ELUXO for your energy management? Then we will take a close look at all the energy supply options for your home. We integrate all heating and cooling components into a single integrated whole controlled by a modern home automation system that makes your energy supply more sustainable and, above all, more efficient. In doing so, we also consider your charging infrastructure with charging stations, home battery and solar panel installation. We measure consumption continuously so we can keep on the ball.

Go for sensible energy management.

Energy management and self-sufficiency

ELUXO guarantees a comprehensive approach on energy management. And this goes a long way. Similarly, we look at how we can make your home environment maximally self-sufficient and thus less dependent on traditional energy sources and channels. To do this, we look at the practical options with you. Of course, we also link these to your own energy supply wishes and concerns.

Go for thoughtful energy management

Are you open to new ways of thinking on energy management and looking for the necessary expertise? Then we at ELUXO can do a lot for you!


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