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Top quality in multimedia

Offering the best audio and video experience in and around your home. At ELUXO, we go all out for that. We are therefore happy to convert all your requirements into ready-made control solutions for indoor and outdoor multimedia.


Discover our multimedia solutions

Multimedia at home

Atmospheric music in the background in all living areas or a fully equipped smart TV that is also easy to operate? These are just two of the many examples of what multimedia can do in your home. At ELUXO, we take a more than thorough approach. First of all, we listen extremely carefully to what your multimedia needs are. On that basis, we deploy our expertise.




Multimedia with audio engineer

One important added value that we offer: our collaboration with an experienced audio engineer who will work out an audio plan completely tailored to your home and, if desired, the outdoor environment. We then link this audio system to the centrally-controlled home automation system, so you control everything super-smoothly and enjoy music wherever you want it.

Go for an integrated multimedia system.

Multimedia with the best video applications

With our multimedia solutions, we want to give your ease of use a big boost. We provide a integrated system that allows you to control all your audio and video applications in a uniform, but above all convenient way. We ensure flawless set-up and installation of all your TV screens and, if necessary, can even take care of centralisation of your video sources or hotel TV solution.


Multimedia is tailor-made

At ELUXO, we do everything to make it as easy and user-friendly as possible for you. With our multimedia solutions we give you a total approach that we also integrate seamlessly into your central home automation system. So you get all your home comforts on the same control platter and your comfort  goes up by leaps and bounds.


Is your interest piqued and would you like to know how we make your multimedia wishes and requirements come together nicely in a ready-to-use home automation system? If so, feel free to contact us for more information