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Towards a balanced indoor climate

Get a balanced indoor climate only by investing in a technologically highly sophisticated home automation system that efficiently controls the climate in each individual room.


Go for the most balanced indoor climate

Centrally controlled indoor climate

The climate system of the future is centrally controlled by a home automation system tailored to your living quarters. And that is in stark contrast to the traditional thermostat that sits in one room and you have to use to control the heating throughout your home. That technique is now definitely a thing of the past. Today, more than ever, at ELUXO we are committed to providing innovative climate control driven by home automation. This is how we manage to create an individual climate control for each room.


Indoor climate with integrated control

Heating and cooling are two extremely important climate needs for your home. How do you make sure you don't end up with numerous different control consoles for air-conditioning and heating applications? By investing in an integrated home automation control for your indoor climate. The way of the future that starts today and is also extremely convenient and user-friendly. Get expert guidance from the experts at ELUXO.

Opt for a centrally controlled indoor climate.

Indoor climate for central cooling and heating

Pursuing a balanced indoor climate in your home may seem obvious, but it is anything but. Thanks to our many years of expertise we can ensure you have a pleasant indoor climate, thanks to the latest technologies such as self-learning. For this, we link those technologies to a customised home automation system that ensures you have an easy and approachable way to steer your home's climate in the right direction. So it stays nice and cool inside on hot summer days and you can count on cosy warmth on cold winter days. And even in the seasons in between, your indoor climate is maintained thanks to the central system that ELUXO installs and adjusts to suit your needs.


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