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The ultimate comfort in your home

Comfort in your home, that is convenience. Control your lights, sun screens and home cinema with one and the same touchscreen without having to worry about a thousand and one controls and consoles. We at ELUXO are only too happy to take care of that.


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Go for total comfort in and around your home

At ELUXO, we go to extremes every day for your home comfort. How we do that? By investing in expertise on the very latest developments in home automation. So we offer you a total solution for in and around your home.


Are you already familiar with electric screens, air conditioning and videophone? Then you might sometimes get stressed about all the different controls. Thanks to our automation solutions, that problem is completely a thing of the past. We provide a fully integrated home automation system that is easy to operate and gives you the ultimate convenience.

Choose total relief and living comfort.

This is how we make your comfort

Our specialised staff visit you and listen carefully to all your needs. Some examples of things we seamlessly coordinate: a flawlessly functioning lighting structure for inside and outside that we automate, sun screens and shutters, a dynamic audio system for inside and outside, a balanced air conditioning and climate control system and a top-of-the-range home cinema system that guarantees hours of audiovisual enjoyment and comfort in the home. Are you also looking for a one-stop-shop for the perfect home automation system? Then we definitely need to talk!

Find out how we maximise your home comfort thanks to home automation.

Centrally controlled comfort

Do you want a system that is anything but standard and also want total ease of use? Then be sure to engage ELUXO for a full screening of your automation needs. We will provide you and your housemates with a centrally controlled home automation system that will make your lives considerably easier and fully exploit all the advantages offered by modern technology.


Ready to step into a world of total comfort and ease of use? If so, we would very much like to meet you!


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