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Access control opens the right doors

Goodbye to the classic door key, hello to access control. The entry of a whole host of new technologies also opens the door to modern access control that brings you a host of benefits.


Take the first step towards access control

From classic key to access control

The days when you needed one or more door keys are definitely behind us. Today, access control offers a better alternative. Thanks to modern techniques such as biometrics, we integrate an effective security system into your home automation system that ensures only the right people have access to your domain and living environment.



Often, employees such as cleaning ladies or gardeners need a key to perform their tasks smoothly. But what if cooperation with those individuals stops? Then you have to remember to ask for the house keys back. If you don't, they may still have access to your home even after they leave. Not to mention keys that can be copied.



Thanks to access control, you solve this problem definitively and thoroughly. You give your employees access with a badge, code, fingerprint or facial recognition. You can quickly cancel those again from the moment the collaboration ends. No hassle with keys, but a rock-hard guarantee that only those who have the right to do so can still enter your home. And only on the specific days and times when they are allowed to be present.

Get to know the strengths of access control.

Access control is highly reliable

At ELUXO, we are working every day to devise and implement the best possible forms of access control with our customers. The opportunities are wide. Access codes or biometric techniques with facial recognition: they are all reliable and flawless alternatives that ensure that unwanted visitors can no longer access your private domain in any way.


Want to know more about how we integrate access control into your home automation and thus guarantee you maximum security? Then feel free to submit all your questions to us!