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A clear plan for your lighting

Seeing clarity in everything is a must. At ELUXO, you can take that literally too. Because we guarantee a high-quality lighting plan that is part of a centrally controlled and automated system. One that offers a lot more comfort for your life and those of your housemates.


Shine your light on our lighting solutions

Lighting as part of your home automation

Technology does not stand still. It is therefore an art to integrate the latest developments into your daily life to significantly increase your comfort. At ELUXO, we follow all evolutions closely to apply them quickly and efficiently to all our central home automation systems. The lighting of your home and your outdoor environment is an integral part of this. The possibilities are incredibly extensive. That is why we are happy to invest time and technology in developing a lighting structure that completely meets your needs and requirements.



Lighting plan per room

Are you partnering with ELUXO? Then choose optimal mood creation with lighting. Room by room, we consider how to get you the most appropriate lighting. In numerous walk-through areas such as the hallway, a perfect option is to use sensors that automatically switch the light on and off when someone passes by.

In addition, we ensure that the lighting mood is adapted to the room you are in. Some brighter light in the kitchen where cooking takes place or dimmed mood lighting in living areas? We provide an appropriate lighting mood for each room and set everything just right. So you literally only need to operate one button to enjoy pleasant and functional lighting depending on where you are in your home.

ELUXO integrates your lighting into your home automation system.

Adjusting lighting yourself

Choosing a centrally-controlled lighting system from ELUXO certainly does not mean that everything is set by us without any say on your part. We set each lighting mood, but it is also perfectly possible to make the necessary adjustments yourself. If you don't think you're tech-savvy enough, we will gladly make adjustments even after installation, if necessary.


Have you seen the light and would you like more information on how we can get you the ideal lighting system that integrates perfectly with your home automation system? Then contact us today! Our specialised staff are at your service!