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Analytical cameras secure your domain

Analytical cameras give you crucial time in the event of a possible burglary attempt. The system uses artificial intelligence to assess whether and when to raise the alarm. This therefore ensures that your security and that of your house mates is quickly brought to a top level.


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Big step forward with analytical cameras

The technological revolution in the slipstream of artificial intelligence opens up many possibilities. That also applies in the area of security. This will benefit you, your house mates and your visitors. Because the days when a person spent hours peering at camera screens to detect possible threats are now definitely over. Thanks to analytical cameras, you always have a pair of watchful eyes that immediately identify any threat and also link it to the necessary action. So at any time, you can be sure of complete security that leaves nothing whatsoever to chance.



Analytical cameras work preventively

A traditional alarm system is reactive. The moment an unwanted visitor intrudes, the system sounds the alarm. When it comes to security, time is a more than crucial parameter. And that plays to the advantage of analytical cameras, which work preventively and constantly scan the environment for potential threats. If they notice the start of a possible problem, they immediately send out the necessary notifications so that action can be taken without any loss of time, and your domain and home are optimally protected.

Meet the strengths of analytical cameras.

Integrated security system with analytical cameras

At ELUXO, we are very committed to your home comfort. That is why we go to great lengths to tailor your home automation system entirely to your specific needs and requirements. Your security system with analytical cameras is also an integral part of your home automation. Our experienced specialists design customised security for your indoor and outdoor environment. So your property is optimally protected and you operate the alarm system in a very simple and efficient way.


Are you ready to take your security and home automation system into a new era? So do we!


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