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The strengths of a strong network

Maximum living comfort in and around your home is achieved by a well-thought-out home automation system that combines ease of use and innovative technology. For that system to work flawlessly, a strong network is an absolute must.


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Network with maximum connectivity

A complete home automation system without guaranteed connectivity is a lame duck. Therefore, a high-performance, reliable and sufficiently fast network is a necessity. At ELUXO, we have all the know-how to give you complete peace of mind in that area too. We take a look at what requirements your personal home automation application has and fully adapt the wireless network accordingly. This way, you will never face any surprises and can rely on a super-convenient system serving your entire home at any time. Turn the lighting on and off, control the indoor climate for each room or control your home cinema? Thanks to a well-developed network, you can do it all without any worries.

Embrace the benefits of a strong network.

Network brings security

At ELUXO, we are already thinking about tomorrow today. That is why we build a network that will control and power your home automation system even in the long term without any worries. With just a few necessary security updates, you would thus be able to rely on good connectivity for many years without any problems thanks to your own professional network.

Go for a future-proof network.

Towards a future-proof network

To give you the comfort to which you are entitled, it is necessary to start working today to build a strong network that is completely tailored to your system and its requirements. Our specialised staff have the necessary knowledge, which they update on a regular basis to seamlessly implement your network requirements into a system that guarantees home automation that never lets you down.

Wondering how we support your home automation system with a strong network that is also extremely future-proof?


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