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This is how to integrate an alarm into your home automation system

An alarm system can be an important part of your home automation and provides maximum security in and around your home. For this, we have several options available.


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Alarm and home automation: a top combination

The traditional alarm system that used to be the norm works mostly reactively. The siren doesn't go off until the moment a burglary attempt is already in progress. Thanks to the many options available today, analytical cameras can monitor the situation at your home and domain completely autonomously and immediately raise the alarm in case of suspicious situations. This way, no precious time is lost and both your alarm and home automation work preventively.

This is how you successfully link your alarm and your home automation.

Integrating alarms into your home automation

There are plenty of options that ensure you can perfectly integrate home and outdoor security into your home automation. And that goes beyond just preventing unwanted visitors. Even when a fire breaks out, the alarm within your home automation system plays an extremely crucial role. Switching on lights automatically, indicating escape routes, turning off ventilation, opening electric doors, gates and shutters automatically: it's all part of a maximum deployment of your alarm and home automation to prevent casualties.

Integration of alarm and home automation offers ease of use

Anyone who has ever had to leave their home in a hurry is familiar with it. You are already late and then you still have a lot of things to do: turn on your alarm system, check that all the lights are off and turn off your audio. Thanks to the integration of your alarm into your home automation, you can perform all those actions at the touch of a button. No more wasted time, but an increase in your living comfort.

Go for successful integration of your alarm and home automation

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