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Working on value for your wellness

Who is not a fan of wellness at home? An invigorating sauna or a refreshing dip in the pool: it recharges your batteries quickly and effectively. This convenient home comfort should therefore be easy and efficient to operate.


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Wellness in your home

A diverse range of wellness applications in your home makes your life a lot more pleasant. How blissful it can be to set the sauna to heat up while you are out running with one touch on your smartphone, so that you can enjoy a relaxing sauna session immediately after returning home.


If you get up in the morning and immediately feel like a refreshing dip in your pool, then it's super convenient if you can control the pool cover and lighting at the touch of a button. These are just some of the many examples that clearly show how home automation can be perfectly integrated into your wellness applications. ELUXO guarantees the elaboration of a integrated home automation plan in which your comfort and ease of use are central.

Combine your wellness with home automation and enjoy great convenience.

Uniform operation for your wellness

Have you also had it with the many different control devices in your home? One for the air conditioner, one for the sauna and another for your home cinema? What if all those controls were brought together in one clear and unified whole that is extremely easy to operate? At ELUXO, we have specialised in the design and installation of integrated indoor and outdoor home automation applications for many years. In doing so, we give the utmost attention to ease of operation and maximum convenience. Based on our extensive expertise, we spend the necessary time assessing the current situation. Moreover, we also listen to all your wishes and needs. With that information, we then set to work to offer you a customised home automation system.

Ready for more wellness value?

All the wellness applications you have in your home can become of even greater value than they already are. For that, we go to extremes at ELUXO. Thanks to highly sophisticated software and home automation solutions, the possibilities become a lot more extensive than today.


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